As one who began his law practice with no employees and through the years built it into one of the largest personal injury / criminal defense firms in Maryland, and who then merged in 1999 with an even larger firm, I can tell you something is lost without that personal relationship with clients. Regardless of whether your circumstances require an expert lawyer for DUI/DWI cases, workers compensation, personal injury, auto accidents or legal help with an MVA hearing, that close, one to one attorney support just cannot be maintained in a large firm.

The reason I recently left the law firm of Saiontz, Kirk, & Miles, to once again form the Law Offices of Stephen L. Miles, was due to the realization that the happiest and most productive years of my legal career were when I was a sole practitioner. The reason is fairly simple – close personal client contact where I could achieve the greatest level of self-satisfaction. It wanted to recreate an atmosphere where I knew every client and each and every case in close detail. Even the finest, largest firms cannot do this. This also makes for better formulae in getting the best results possible for clients.

When you call the law offices of Stephen L. Miles, you will speak directly to me. That’s rightnot a secretary or a para-legal. I will answer your call personally. If for some reason I am unavailable to answer your call, you have my personal guarantee that I will call you back within three hours or less. Of course the first call is FREE.

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