Maryland’s DUI / DWI Laws

Maryland Has Some Of The Toughest DUI Laws In The Nation.

You Need To Take Immediate Action To Protect Yourself:
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You MUST act quickly in order to Protect Yourself. You could lose your Drivers License, Your Job, Your Reputation, and You could put in Jail. CALL ME NOW at 410-244-3030410-244-3030. If I am not in when you call, I guarantee you that I will personally (not a secretary or Paralegal) call you back in three hours or less.

I’m former Assistant States Attorney, Stephen l. Miles and I’m here to help you with your DUI arrest. But you have to act now! Unlike other areas of the law, with your DUI case, you undoubtedly face an immediate suspension from the MVA and only have 10 days to decide if you should request a hearing.

At your DUI trial you face up to a year in jail, a thousand dollar fine and 12 points on your record, not to mention yet another MVA hearing depending on your trial results. This also requires immediate action. Through the years I have seen cases lost because an attorney who did not have enough time to prepare properly.

In real estate its location, location, location. In law its experience, experience, experience.

As a former Circuit Court Major felony prosecutor and as a defense attorney with over 35 years experience, I have tried literally thousands of DUI cases in virtually every courtroom in the state of Maryland.

By the way, unlike other lawyers, when you hire me – I will be the one to represent you in courtyour case is too important to be left to a young associate. Make the call to 410-244-3030410-244-3030 for a free consultation and then relax – you’ll be in good hands.

Additional DUI/DWI Information

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